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WordPress Theme Product Review – HQ Photography WordPress Responsive Theme

11 Feb hq


WordPress Theme – HQ Photography WordPress Responsive Theme


Looking for something unique and awesome, this template is what you need. We’re proud to present a super interactive and engaging template well-suited for photographers and videographers, which won’t leave any visitor indifferent to and forgetful about experience they had with your website. A whole set of features is exposed to dynamic manipulation in real time by a visitor such as home page visuals, video background, photo/video grid gallery, portfolio layout and much more.

Theme Features

  • WordPress 3.5 Ready
  • Drag & drop GT3 Page Builder
  • Fully Responsive
  • HTML5 & CSS Code
  • Easy Installation (demo content import)
  • Translator
  • Color Option
  • Google Font Support 500+
  • Theme Settings Panel
  • Custom Landing Page
  • Display Menu Permanently
  • Password Protected Galleries
  • Gallery Settings (fit image options)
  • Home Page with Fullscreen Slider
  • Home Page with Grid Gallery
  • Home Page with Static Image Background
  • Home Page with Video Background
  • Fullscreen Photo/Video Grid Gallery
  • Custom Modules
  • Custom Shortcodes
  • Custom Widgets
  • Post Formats Support (youtube and vimeo support)
  • Portfolio Pages
  • Unlimited Sidebars
  • Working Ajax Contact Form
  • Layer Slider Plugin (included)
  • PSD Files Included
  • Documentation

Custom GT3 Page Builder

Drag and Drop Functionality

Cool Design with Custom Landing Page

Interactive Fullscreen Home Page

Responsive Layout Ipad/Iphone

Layer Slider as a Module (you save $15)

To purchase simply click on PAYPAL BUY NOW button and you will be taken to the PayPal Online Payment Processor. Download is almost immediate upon successful payment online Via PayPal

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Price 20.00 USD

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WordPress Theme -Child Care Creative -WordPress Shop & Newsletter

10 Feb Child-Care-Creative-685


WordPress Theme -Child Care Creative -WordPress Shop & Newsletter

Child Care Creative – WordPress Shop & Newsletter is an earthy illustrative design by ThemeForest aimed towards the child care industry, but it would be suitable for any children’s, family, art, craft, creative or environmental website. The Child Care Creative WordPress Shop theme would be ideal for an online shop selling 10 to 50 products, an at-home day care center, or anything you feel would suit the design style. This WordPress theme comes with a bonus simple shopping cart (worth $9) and a bonus newsletter plugin (worth $25)! Child Care Creative demo: More Child Care Creative theme screenshots: This design is an earthy illustrative design aimed towards the child care industry, but it would be suitable for any children’s, family, art, craft, creative or environmental website. The Child Care Creative WordPress eCommerce theme would be ideal for an online shop selling childrens products, an at-home day care center, or anything you feel would suit the design style. This WordPress theme comes with a bonus bulk newsletter WordPress plugin (worth $25)!

Main Features:

Here’s a quick run down of the features, please look through the screenshots to see the (easy to use) backend wordpress options and to get an idea of all the features this template has to offer.

  • Header Options: Select your logo image, and what text to display in the 2 clouds (or choose to disable the clouds). Choose the position of your logo from the top of the page and the left of the page (great for different sized logos!).
  • Slide Show:Select which images to appear in the slide show, the text to display, which page to link to or turn the slider off completely. Two slider options available: option #1 and options #2
  • Newsletter System:Send bulk emails to your existing wordpress user database, all controlled from inside WordPress.
  • Custom Widgets: contact us with google map, social icons (eg: facebook), image slider and opening hours listing.

Online Demos:

  • view WordPress Shop Home Page – latest products, blog posts, and widgets.
  • view The “All Products” Page – showing all products and shop categories on the site.
  • view An example Full Product page in this wordpress shopping cart. Make sure you click on the images and the “submit review”. Pretty cool ey!
  • view A quick screencast showing how easy it is to install this wordpress theme
  • view this wordpress shop screenshots, they show all the available wordpress backend options and more of the wordpress shop features.
  • view The wordpress help file that comes with this blog (instructions on how to install the wordpress theme, shop and newsletter)

Installation Instructions:

Watch the video to see how installing and setting up this theme is done:

Widget Areas:

There are 10 widget areas in this template. BONUS !You can easily change which widget area to display on which page, and even choose if it displays on the left or right of the page! You are not locked into the below defaults:

  • Home Slider: this displays at the top of the home page by default.
  • Contact Page: this displays on the side of the contact page by default.
  • Shop Sidebar: this displays on the side of all shop category pages
  • Sidebar Column #1: left or right of every page by default
  • Sidebar Column #2: left or right of blog archive pages by default
  • Sidebar Column #3: left or right of every blog post by default
  • Sidebar Column #4: empty sidebar for your own custom widgets on any page you choose
  • Sidebar Column #5: empty sidebar for your own custom widgets on any page you choose
  • Sidebar Column #6: empty sidebar for your own custom widgets on any page you choose
  • Blank Widget Area: can be used same as Home Slider, if you wish to have a different slider on a different page (like we do in the demo).

About the wordpress shop:

This wordpress shop is powered by the very popular Jigoshop plugin. This gives you easy product and order management. More information about Jigoshop and the available features is over on the Jigoshop website:

About The WordPress Newsletter System:

The email newsletter plugin is an advanced bulk emailer designed especially for WordPress 3. It is very easy to use and feature rich. Heaps of features which allow you to quickly send professional newsletters to your existing wordpress user database. More information about it’s features here. Here is a screenshot showing a themed newsletter created from wordpress. You can also view the newsletter live by clicking here.   10-shop-email-newsletter-preview

There are 5 sliced photoshop PSD files included as well.

If you are familiar with photoshop, html and wordpress these five PSD files will help you adjust the theme to suit your needs.

  • Home page layout 1
  • Home page layout 2
  • Cart, sidebar and buttons
  • Popup window design
  • Newsletter design

Note: moderate skills in photoshop, html and css is required to make changes to this template.


Support is provided through the dedicated support center here: This is the much anticipated WordPress version of the Child Care Creative HTML template.

To purchase simply click on PAYPAL BUY NOW button and you will be taken to the PayPal Online Payment Processor. Download is almost immediate upon successful payment online Via PayPal

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Price : 25.00 USD

WordPress Theme – The Product Review WordPress Theme

10 Feb productreviewwptheme


WordPress Theme – The Product Review WordPress Theme

Did you know that one of the most successful ways of making money online is by reviewing products and driving potential customers to those products using your affiliate link? Power affiliates have used this method for years and still do as it’s proven to work time and time again. With the new Product Review WordPress Theme you will be able to create stylish and highly converting “product review” blogs in no time. We’ve created a smart theme that takes out the hassle of creating a review blog so you can focus on what actually matters: writing your reviews and making money off them! Here’s the full list of features included in the Product Review WordPress Theme:  


Clean and professional design Writing a review is not good enough… it’s got to look professional too! The Product Review WordPress Theme has a beautiful and uncluttered design that is easy on your readers’ eyes. The cleaner and more professional your review blog looks, the more your website visitors will trust your recommendations. That’s why we’ve made sure that all the information is displayed in an attainting yet user-friendly manner.  


Customizable headers Make your review blog totally unique! * You can either upload your own custom header design. * Or you can upload your own logo and select any of the stylish built-in backgrounds in different colors.  


Smart color code system Positive review: green background… Negative review: red background… Neutral review: gray background… Simple, isn’t it? Well, guess what: it works! It is a fact: we respond differently to different colors. Some colors instill confidence whereas others trigger the alarm bell! The Product Review WordPress Theme prints the background of each post depending on whether you mark the product as “the best of the lot”, “the worst of the lot” or just “another one of lot”. That will drive your visitors’ attention to whichever product you’re most interested to promote as an affiliate… for example the one offering the juiciest commission! In the other hand, if you don’t want to lable any post as “best” and/or “worst”, you can turn it off so all posts are displayed in the default gray background.


The Ranking box Organize your reviewed products in an easy-to-read ladder… your visitors will love you for that! The Ranking box sits on your sidebar so your visitors can gather a quick idea of which products are worth checking out and which ones are best to leave alone. The smart color code system makes it easy to read and use, and all you have to do is to assign an overall rating to each product and click-and-drag them in your desired order. Each Ranking box will only list the products belonging to the very same category, so your visitors can compare apples with apples, and oranges with oranges.


The Optin box Do you want to build a targeted mailing list on autopilot? Use the Optin Box! The Product Review WordPress Theme features a built-in Optin box that embeds directly into the sidebar so you can build a targeted mailing list on autopilot. All you have to do is to configure the Optin box at the WordPress Admin Dashboard and to copy and paste the HTML code provided by your autoresponder service :) By the way, all the major autoresponder services are supported: Aweber, iContact, GetResponse, 1ShoppingCart, Infusion Soft, Mail Chimp, Vertical Response, Constant Contact, etc.  


Split menu bar Keep both your visitors and Google happy! * Fact #1: Google loves deep websites with plenty of internal pages such as “About Us”, “Terms & Conditions”, “Privacy Policy”, etc. The more you have of those, the higher the chances to rank high in the search engines. * Fact #2: Google also loves keyword-rich articles! The theme allows you to display these articles in their own sidebar menu, so they don’t get tangled with your main product review posts. * Fact #3: Most of your visitors will not care about such pages! They consider them “filler” pages and hardly anyone ever visits them at all. The Product Review WordPress Theme solves that problem: it splits the menu navigation bar in three: one visible at the top (the one your readers will clearly notice at a first sight), another one in the sidebar for your keyword-rich articles, and finally another one pushed all the way down to the footer (the one Google will pick up). By doing so, we keep Google happy while at the same time we don’t cluster our main menu bar with these “filler” pages!


Cloaked affiliate links Don’t let them know you’re using affiliate links! You know, nothing screams “This review is NOT unbiased!” like an affiliate link because they know you’re being paid a commission by recommending the product. That is why the Product Review WordPress Theme automatically cloaks your affiliate links! Let’s assume that your affiliate link is, which is obviously the link you’ll type into the “Affiliate Link” field (see screenshot below). Well, the theme will automatically convert that into a non-affiliate-looking link such as and will attach that cloaked link to the “Visit Website” button. No one will know that there’s an affiliate link running in the background (insert evil laugh here!). Product Review WordPress Theme cloaked link  


The “Final Conclusion” box Close the sale with a highlighted final paragraph! Many people are too lazy to read the full review and simply prefer to read the summarized conclusion. That is why the Product Review WordPress Theme features a “Final Conclusion” box highlighted in bright orange at the end of each product review, followed by a massive Call-To-Action button (attached to your cloaked affiliate link of course!). That’s indeed the button most of your review readers will click upon reading your review and your Final Conclusion, increasing your click-through and your conversion ratios. Product Review WordPress Theme conclusion box  


List and rate the product features Make it easy to read for your website visitors! * List of features: The theme allows you to list the main features of each product so, with a quick glance, your visitors can understand what the product has to offer. * Rate the product: Moreover, you can rate the product’s quality with a user-friendly star system. Remember: you don’t have much time to catch your reader’s attention! The easier your readers can digest your review, the higher the chances they will read it out, and the “List Of Features” and the “Ratings” boxes will certainly help you in that regard. Product Review WordPress Theme review system


User reviews & ratings Let the discussion start! Like in any other WordPress theme, each post (product review) has its own comments section where visitors can drop their opinions. Furthermore, the Product Review WordPress Theme allows visitors to also post their own ratings on exactly the same characteristics your rated that product for! That way you will soon get a community-driven review and discussion started which will further increase your website’s credibility and, over time, it might become a recurrent point of meeting for people looking to get some feedback on any specific product related to your chosen niche! Obviously, like in any other WordPress theme, these reviews can be moderated, admin-approved and disabled as you wish. Product Review WordPress Theme comments  


Single-niche or Multi-niche review sites Go niche-specific or go market-wide… your choice! With the Product Review WordPress Theme, you can target your reviews to products belonging to one single niche, or you can go broad and review products from multiple niches. If you choose the latter, the Theme will automatically organize them by categories so the information is presented neatly to your visitors. Moreover, if you are reviewing multiple niches, you can choose to display a “welcome page” at your blog’s index with whatever message you prefer along with the a unique Ranking Box for each specific sub-niche. Product Review WordPress Theme review indexes  


The built-in SEO Optimizer Let Google give you some love! The Theme includes a built-in SEO optimizing feature that allows you to set individually the following: * The Blog’s overall title, description and keywords. These will be the blog’s thematic information so Google can categorize your site. Product Review WordPress theme SEO * Moreover, you will be able to pin-point unique titles, keywords and descriptions for each post and page you publish. That will ensure that Google deems each of your posts as relevant! The more relevant and targetted your blog is in Google’s eyes, the better you’ll rank in the search engines!

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Price : 25.00 USD

WordPress Blogging Tutorial – WordPress Cash Machine Product Review

10 Feb WordPress-Cash-Machines-Box-copy


STOP Banging Your Head Against the Wall Trying to Come up with Ways to Make Money Online


“More than 50 Revenue-Generating Strategies for Building a Profitable Online Business with WordPress”
If You Don’t Learn a New Strategy for Making Money with WordPress, I’ll Give You Your Money Back…

Dear Fellow Warrior: My name is Jason Keith and I have been a full-time Internet marketer since 2005. During this time, I have made money online through affiliate marketing, building niche AdSense websites, working with local businesses offline and selling my own products and services. Probably once a week, someone will ask me how to get started making money online. In the past, I had different answers I would give depending on the person. Today though, I tell nearly everyone the same thing. The first thing you should do is to learn how to use the power of WordPress. This simple content management system is your gateway to online profits. You don’t have to learn the programming or developing stuff. Just learn the basics of how to use it. Once you know WordPress, the opportunities are everywhere. Whether you decide to help businesses get a website or you decide to build affiliate or AdSense based websites, WordPress is your solution. When I take on consulting clients who are trying to get started online, the first thing we will do is brainstorm various ways to start an online business depending on their skill set and focus. Over the past few years of doing this, I have built an extensive list of ideas for how to make money with WordPress. Now, for the first time ever, I am publicly releasing my WordPress profit strategies in one resource.

Introducing WordPress Cash Machines…
50+ Money-Making Strategies for Success…

Most people have NO Idea how POWERFUL WordPress is for making money online. It has never been easier to compete with the big boys to make professional-looking, highly profitable websites than it is today. WordPress has really evened the playing field. In WordPress Cash Machines, you will learn over 50 different methods of making money with WordPress. Here are a few of the concepts you will learn:

  • Learn How to Cash-in on the Local Real Estate Business with WordPress
  • How to Profit from Online Coupon Shoppers and the Groupon Phenomenon
  • How to Use WordPress to Build Local Business & Event Info Portals
  • How to Make Money Combining WordPress with Facebook
  • How to Create Income-Producing User-Submitted Content Sites
  • Generate Income with WordPress and Amazon and Other Affiliate Feeds!
  • Make Your Own Niche Social Networking Site with WordPress.
  • Two Different Ways to Make Money with WordPress and Food!
  • Plus Many More Exciting and Profit-Driven Strategies


A Little Something for Everyone…

Just about every type of Internet Marketer will pickup an idea or two in WordPress Cash Machines. It doesn’t matter if you’re a complete newbie or a seasoned marketer, you will pickup new ideas in this book. There are strategies for success not matter what you focus on. We’ve got topics covered for:

  • Affiliate Marketers – Learn Several Surefire Ways to Generate Affiliate Income with WP
  • AdSense Marketers – Many unique ways to make AdSense income generating WordPress sites.
  • Product Creators - How to leverage WordPress to promote AND Sell Your Products.
  • WordPress Experts - Exciting Ways to Cash-in On Your WordPress Expertise
  • Offline Marketers - Ideas on How to Profit from WordPress with Your Offline Customers!

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Price : 20.00 USD

Instant 325 Free Back Links

10 Feb

There are many ways to drive  quality paid backinks. But most of the paid backlinks are not permanent. Finding a good backlink service or software can be a pain in neck. But now at this site the, as the site offer the best online built best backlink builder software which will give you instant 325 permanent backlinks.

And the best part is you generate 325 free back links instantly to your site just by entering your website URLs

If you an effortless method to generate 325 free back links instantly to your website, click Instant 325 free back links now

Auto Backlinks Generator -Generate 107 Free Backlinks

10 Feb



Auto Backlinks Generator   

      To get your website ranked high in Search Engine Ranking Positioning would require  your website to have significant number of quality backlinks linking to it
Quality backlinks to your website will catch the attention of the robots that determine the importance of your website. The value of your pages of the website, in the eyes of Google’s robot, lies in the number and quality of the links that it comes from other sites to yours. As the number of other popular, high-ranking sites find your site worth linking to grows, your popularity goes up along with your position in the search results.
In addition, links placed in posts to forums, blogs and the resource box of published articles have the potential of being seen and followed by thousands of visitors every day. If the forums, blogs, and article directories have high page ranks, you have more than just a link for visitors to follow you. Quality links will help to raise your page rank as well as your traffic. If it is so, you’d better build more backlink strength. So, I would like to introduce a good place. This site create much more backlinks 
To start generating 107 free back links to your website, click Auto Back Links Generator

Free Tools Generate 2500 Back Links To Your Site Easily

10 Feb

Discover awesome free online backlink builder tool which will automatically add your link to 2500+ different very established and regularly crawled by serch engines websites.

All you need to do is type your URL in the form above and click Submit now. This tool will handle the rest!

All of the websites in our list provide free website listings, site statistics, and site reports with dedicated URLs.

Free Backlink Builder processes the entire list, submits your URL to each website, and checks the status to make sure your site is listed.

This tool is SPAM-free, and contains no adult or illegal sites. Each site in our list accepts free listings, so you don’t have to worry about your link showing up on less than desirable websites.

The backlink builder tool submits your URL to 2500+ different websites that automatically provide free backlinks for you. Each of these sites has been collected in one comprehensive list, and our free tool automates the entire process for you.

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WordPress Blogging Tutorial – WordPress 24 Hour Trainer Guide to Customise WordPress Blogs

10 Feb WordPress-24-Hour-Trainer


Discover How You Can Watch, Read, and Learn to Create and Customize WordPress Sites In Just 24 Hour Even If You Do Not Know What Is WordPress


Are you looking to set up your own WordPress Blogs but do not know how to go about doing it ? The reason why you are reading this is you have probably read and heard too many stories from so called “Gurus” who can help you in setting up a profitable online WordPress Blogs but all turned out to be lies after you have made the payment and what you got in return was just a simple blog that does not make you a single dime online.

We understand how you feel as we all have been there before somehow when we first just started out our make money online dreams. If you haven’t know yet, WordPress is the most popular blogging platform on the planet these days due to it’s simple in application, many free web themes and plugins you can choose to use them on your WordPress Blogs either for monetization or optimization purposes

Never be intimidated by the alien PHP programming code which puts you off in wanting a WordPress blog just because you have no prior knowledge on PHP Programming Actually to create your own online WordPress blogs is not difficult. And it has been made easy for you with the WordPress 24 Hour Trainer Guide.

A tutorial that takes you by the hand and walks you through the essential parts of WordPress. Each lesson is streamlined to teach a specific aspect of WordPress, helping you to focus on just what you need in order to get the task accomplished

WordPress 24 Hour Trainer Guide is your perfect companion guide to

  • Planning and preparing your site for WordPress
  • Installing WordPress
  • Writing, tagging, and publishing a post
  • Working with the text editor
  • Styling paragraphs and creating lists
  • Working with media files
  • Linking, aligning, and sizing an image
  • Working with image galleries
  • Adding video and audio
  • Naming, scheduling, and managing posts
  • Making your site stand out
  • Helping others connect to your site
  • Becoming search engine friendly
  • Optimizing your site
  • Backing up your site
  • Installing and activating plugins

Table of Contents

Introduction. Part I: Before You Start.

Chapter 1: Thinking Like WordPress.

Chapter 2: Planning Your Site for WordPress. Part II: Firing Up WordPress.

Chapter 3: Installing WordPress.

Chapter 4: Admin Area Overview.

Chapter 5: Basic Admin Settings. Part III: Working with Written Content.

Chapter 6: Adding a New Post — Overview.

Chapter 7: Working with the Text Editor.

Chapter 8: Laying Out Text.

Chapter 9: Advanced Post Options.

Chapter 10: Adding a New Page. Part IV: Working with Media Content.

Chapter 11: The Basics of Handling Media Files.

Chapter 12: The Upload/Insert Window Tabs.

Chapter 13: Image Options in Detail.

Chapter 14: Editing and Laying Out Images.

Chapter 15: Working with Image Galleries.

Chapter 16: Adding Video and Audio.

Chapter 17: Adding Documents. Part V: Managing Your Content.

Chapter 18: Managing Posts and Pages.

Chapter 19: Managing Media Files.

Chapter 20: Managing Post Categories and Tags.

Chapter 21: Managing Widgets. Part VI: Making Your Site Social.

Chapter 22: Linking to Other Sites.

Chapter 23: Managing Comments.

Chapter 24: Connecting to Content on Other Sites.

Chapter 25: Helping Others Connect to Your Site.

Chapter 26: Having Multiple Site Users. Part VII: Customizing the Look of Your Site.

Chapter 27: Customizing Your Header Content.

Chapter 28: Customizing the Look of Posts.

Chapter 29: Customizing Design and Layout. Part VIII: Becoming Search Engine Friendly.

Chapter 30: Optimizing Your Content.

Chapter 31: Optimizing Your Site as a Whole. Part IX: Housekeeping Chores.

Chapter 32: How Is Your Site Doing?

Chapter 33: Keeping Up to Date.

Chapter 34: Backing Up Your Site. Part X: Extending WordPress.

Chapter 35: Installing and Activating Plugins.

Chapter 36: Example Plugins.

Chapter 37: Ten Other Common Uses for Plugins.

Chapter 38: Extending WordPress Even Further.

Appendix A: Troubleshooting WordPress.

Appendix B: Glossary.

Appendix C: What’s on the DVD?


Author information George Plumley is a web developer who now builds sites almost exclusively using WordPress. He runs the WordPress tutorial site

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WordPress Blogging Tutorial – WordPress Bible Your Essential Guide to WordPress Blogging

10 Feb wordpress-bible


Discover How You Can Thoroughly Learn WordPress From The Mere Basics Through The Advanced Application Development With The WordPress Bible

WordPress Bible is definitely your essential guide to WordPress Blogging whether you’re a casual blogger or programming pro, this comprehensive guide covers the latest version of , from the basics through advanced application . If you have the desire to learn WordPress thoroughly and on your own, get the latest word from the WordPress Bible today The WordPress is the only resource you need to learn WordPress from beginning to end. Here’s are sneak peak of whats inside WordPress Bible

  • Explores the principles of blogging, marketing, and social interaction
  • Shows you install and maintain
  • Thoroughly covers WordPress basics, then ramps up to advanced topics
  • Guides you through best security practices as both a user and a developer
  • Helps you enhance your s findability in major search engines and create customizable and dynamic themes
  • Author maintains a high-profile in the WordPress community,
  • Tech edited by Mark Jaquith, one of the lead developers of WordPress

From the Back CoverMaster the blog platform of choice around the world Whether you’re a casual blogger or programming pro, this detailed guide will help you get the very most out of the new version of the hottest blogging platform on the planet. A complete step-by-step reference, this book covers WordPress 3.1 from the basics through advanced application . Learn use custom and themes, build navigation menus on the fly with no coding, leverage the WordPress multisite API, and much more.

  • Explore various servers and all modules, then install and configure the software
  • Enhance your blog’s findability with , keywords, and meta tags
  • Create events with actions, apply hooks, and expand functionality with
  • Leverage Twitter widgets, the Facebook Like button, or other social devices to extend your blog’s reach
  • Integrate navigation menus with custom dynamic themes
  • Set up WordPress as a Content System
  • Build your own self-contained social network with BuddyPress

Visit for all of the author’s example files from the book.

  • Install, configure, and manage WordPress
  • Turn a blog into a social network
  • Create a dynamic, full-fledged CMS

Book Details

  • Paperback: 744 pages
  • Publisher: Wiley; 2nd Edition (April 2011)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0470937815
  • ISBN-13: 978-0470937815

Table of content Foreword. Preface. Acknowledgments. Part I: Getting Started with WordPress. Chapter 1: Learning About WordPress. Chapter 2: Installing and Configuring WordPress. Chapter 3: WordPress, SEO, and Social Media Marketing. Part II: Working with Plugins. Chapter 5: Extending WordPress with Plugins. Chapter 6: Widgetizing WordPress. Chapter 7: Understanding the WordPress Database Class. Chapter 8: Dissecting the Loop and WP_Query. Part III: Working with Themes and Template Tags. Chapter 9: Using Free or Premium Themes. Chapter 10: Understanding the Template File Hierarchy. Chapter 11: Adding JavaScript and CSS to Themes. Chapter 12: Dissecting the Comment Loop, Template Tags, and Theme Best Practices. Part IV: Creating Content. Chapter 13: Navigating the Content Production Experience. Chapter 14: Using Offline Editors. Part V: Keeping Up with the Joneses: Maintenance and Upgrades. Chapter 15: Performing Automatic Upgrades. Chapter 16: Moving to WordPress and Backing It Up. Chapter 17: WordPress Maintenance and Security. Chapter 18: Caching Strategy to Ensure WordPress Scales. Chapter 19: Understanding WordPress Roles and Capabilities. Part VI: Alternate Uses for WordPress. Chapter 20: Using WordPress for Alternative Blogging. Chapter 21: WordPress as a Content Management System. Part VII: Looking at the WordPress Ecosystem. Chapter 22: Leveraging WordPress MU and Multi-Blog Functionality. Chapter 23: Adding User Forums with bbPress. Chapter 24: Creating Your Own Social Network with BuddyPress. Chapter 25: Using BackPress as a Development Framework. Chapter 26: and the Automattic Products. Chapter 27: Leveraging Automattic Products. Part VIII: Appendixes. Appendix A: WordPress Hook Reference. Appendix B: Template Tags. Appendix C: What About PHP 5? Appendix D: WordPress Hosting. Appendix E: WordPress Vendors and Professional Services. Appendix F: WordPress in Government. Appendix G: WordPress in Major Media. Appendix H: The General Public License. Index. Author information Aaron Brazell is a leading WordPress and social media consultant, with clients ranging from enterprise software companies to small- and medium-sized businesses. He has worked on large-scale WordPress installations from both a technical/scaling perspective to complex deliveries involving extreme leveraging of the software plugin API. He maintains a large business and technology blog in the Washington D.C. area, Mark Jaquith is one of the lead WordPress core developers and an independent Web services consultant. He has consulted for major clients through his company, Covered Web Services, and is the author of several popular WordPress plugins, including Subscribe to Comments and Page Links To.

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Price 15.00 USD

WordPress Blogging Tutorial : Professional WordPress Design and Development

10 Feb Professional-WP-design-and-develop


Discover How You Can Appreciate WordPress Functions,Plugin-ins and Theme Development With The Professional WordPress Design And Development

An in-depth look at the internals of the WordPress system. As the most popular blogging and content management platform available today, WordPress is a powerful tool. This exciting book goes beyond the basics and delves into the heart of the WordPress system, offering overviews of the functional aspects of WordPress as well as plug-in and theme development. What is covered in this book?

  • WordPress as a Content Management System
  • Hosting Options
  • Installing WordPress Files
  • Database Configuration
  • Dashboard Widgets
  • Customizing the Dashboard
  • Creating and Managing Content
  • Categorizing Your Content
  • Working with Media
  • Comments and Discussion
  • Working with Users
  • Managing, Adding, Upgrading, and Using the Theme Editor
  • Working with Widgets
  • Adding and Managing New Plugins
  • Configuring WordPress
  • Exploring the Code
  • Configuring Key Files
  • wp-config.php file
  • Advanced wp-config Options
  • What’s in the Core?
  • WordPress Codex and Resources
  • Understanding and customizing the Loop
  • Building A Custom Query
  • Complex Database Operations
  • Dealing With Errors
  • Direct Database Manipulation
  • Building Your Own Taxonomies
  • Plugin Packaging
  • Create a Dashboard Widget
  • Creating a Plugin Example
  • Publish to the Plugin Directory
  • Installing a Theme
  • Creating Your Own Theme
  • How and When to Use Custom Page Templates
  • How to Use Custom Page Templates
  • Pushing Content from WordPress to Other Sites
  • Usability and Usability Testing
  • Getting Your Site Found
  • How Web Standards Get Your Data Discovered
  • Load Balancing Your WordPress Site
  • Securing Your WordPress Site
  • Using WordPress in the Enterprise
  • Is WordPress Right for Your Enterprise?
  • and much more!

The ebook is setup to describe basic operation of function and then offering guidance and example demonstrating how to take it apart and reassemble that function to fit your need. Even though this may sound like Professional WordPress is only for developers

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>Price 20.00 USD