Ultimate Free ebooks and Software Package 3

8 Feb

For Sale Secrets
Discover how to squeeze every ounce of value out of your home in time to make the sale!
Auto Cons
Who else wants to know every dollar saving trick, every scam-stopping tip, and every must-know bit of information you need when buying a car!
Your Own Home Movie Theater
Discover all the information you need to assemble and install a home theater system that will blow you, your friends, and your family away!
Hot Profit Seminars
You don’t have to be an expert manager to pull off a successful seminar! discover the secrets to planning a money making seminar in this amazing ebook!
PC Safety 101
Learn you can remove the hacker filth that slows down your pc, sends your private information to sleazy computer criminals, and threatens to destroy your machine!
The Insomnia Battle
If you are sitting in the dark, staring at the ceiling, wide awake when you should be sleeping, you can find relief!
How to Create a Super Baby
Learn how to give your newborn the best first 12 months of his or her life possible and create the ultimate super baby!
Headache Happiness
If you are suffering from headaches, you can make the pain stop just by following some basic but little known principles.
Need to Lose 10 Pounds Quick?
Discover 75 of the easiest, safest, and quickest ways to lose 10 pounds over and over again!
Online Dating Guide for Men
Learn how to have scores of the exact type of women you like wanting to date you within hours with the power of online dating!
82 Techniques That Will Put More Money in Your Pocket
This amazing resource will help you save money in these hard economic times.
Fire It Up Again
Discover the secret to saving your romance from the edge of disaster for men and women.
Marketing With Coupons
Finally revealed: a guerilla marketing strategy so powerful that even the gurus won’t tell you about it!
Niche Fortune Exposed
Simple 4-step formula finally reveals the truth to amassing a huge fortune from any niche by tomorrow!
Niche Pay Per Click Empire
Learn how to start your own empire of profitable niche pay per click search engines that pay you every month like clockwork!
Niche Modulator
Increase your order conversions and sign ups to your newsletter by up to 400% with the ultimate niche marketer’s power script.
Love Online
Love Online is a thoroughly researched guide on how to best present yourself and find a meaningful relationship online. It is an amazing guide that you can refer back to at anytime.
70 Quick and Easy Tips to Getting Healthy
Learn 70 quick and easy tips to getting healthy and staying healthy!
Orange Recipes
Collection of easy to make, delicious orange recipes that your family and friends are sure to love!
Retail Business Niches
Learn step-by-step, the tasks you need to accomplish on your way to a successful retail business!
Healthy Salad Recipes
Collection of easy to make, delicious salad recipes that your family and friends are sure to love!
62 Ways to Beat the Gas Pump Monster
Are rising gas prices killing your budget? Discover 62 simple ways to beat the gas pump monster!
Be a Scrapbooking Pro
Give me five minutes and i’ll have you so excited about creating your own scrapbook you’ll start immediately!
Your Perfect Lawn
This new book contains all the information you need to create a perfectly manicured lawn just like the Pros!
Shoestring Wedding
You don’t have to be rich to have an unforgettable wedding ceremony! Learn how to make your big day gorgeous even if you’re on a tight budget.
Pet Medical Recorder
If you own a cat, a dog or any other type of animal here’s a quick and easy way to keep track of all your pets important medical and treatment records!
How to Start a Home Based Answering Service
Discover how you can earn hundreds of extra dollars weekly running a home based answering service. No matter what your personal desire might be, you truly can have your own home based answering service!
Delicious Diabetic Recipes
Delicious Diabetic Recipes gives you an awesome collection of over 500 tasty diabetic recipes, sure to please your taste buds and satisfy your diet restrictions!
How to Be an Air Courier
Did you know that you can fly anywhere in the world you like, at huge discounts on normal fares, sometimes free of charge, simply by working as a courier? Discover how, now!
Smoothies for Athletes
This great recipe book will make you feel like an athlete! You’ll have more energy to tackle all those things you have to get done everyday! Getting more done will help you feel better mentally because you feel like you’ve accomplished so much more each day!
The Art of Manufacturing Soaps and Candles
Learn how to make pampering products that will delight customers, pamper your skin and prove to be more profitable than you could ever imagine!
American Gardener
The American Gardener provides over 150 pages of helpful gardening how to information, and tips that will help you grow great plants with ease!
The Art of Astrology
If you are serious about astrology, if you want to learn more about yourself and those around you, if you want to learn what life has in store for you, then this is the book for you.
How to Stop Your Depression Now
Finally, retired clinical counselor reveals the secrets successful psychiatrists and psychologists don’t want you to know. Discover how to stop your depression now!
Online Auction Profits
Now you can be armed with a killer arsenal of online auction tips that will show you exactly how to profit with online auctions!
Bad Breath Secrets
Bad breath secrets will give you all the first hand information you need to discover if you have bad breath. Then, it provides you with the skills to get rid of it.
Sizzling Breakfast Recipes
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and with Sizzling Breakfast Recipes you get 350 mouth watering, lip smacking recipes!
Brew Your Own Beer
Impress your friends and colleagues with your new-found beer making knowledge. Over 640 thirst quenching beer recipes!
Delicious Cajun Recipes
With Delicious Cajun Recipes you get all your favorite cajun and creole recipes. If you like hot and spicy food than delicious cajun recipes is for you!
Delicious Candy Recipes
Delicious Candy Recipes delivers more than 300 of the best recipes from chocolate and fudge to peanut butter and truffles, this ebook is pure candy satisfaction for candy lovers everywhere!
The Weight Loss Primer Report
This easy to read report will save you time and frustration and show you how to focus and achieve your desired results faster!
The Miracle of Vinegar
Vinegar can be used for hundreds of alternative uses, from preventing burn blisters to cleaning your windows. This great guide will show you more than 60 great uses for vinegar!
How to Rebuild Your Life After Divorce
These guide will help you regain your self confidence, and be the kind of person you want to be – to set your sights on becoming and attaining all your ambitions – and to do what’s really necessary to fulfil your dreams.
Chow Chows Revealed
This amazing ebook with give you instant access to a “back-stage” pass to the real world of chow chow dogs and how you can fully understand them!
Wedding Video Magic
Starting a wedding videography business is fun, easy & rewarding. Unlock the powerful secret of starting your own wedding videography business now!
Dog Bite Prevention
Get the facts from seven top dog trainers/behaviorists and learn how to prevent dog bites or even teach your dog to stop biting.
Easter Activity Collection
Easter is a time for celebrating rebirth and new beginnings. Celebrate this Easter in style with the fun recipes, games and craft ideas in the Family Fun Easter Activity Collection.
No-Cost and Low-Cost Energy Saving Tips For Your Home
How would you like to save hundreds every year on your utility bills? You can with the tips you will find in No Cost and Low Cost Energy Saving Tips For Your Home!
Mouth Watering Fair Recipes
You don’t have to what for the fair to come to town to enjoy one of these delicious favorites, Just whip up any mouth-watering fair recipe to bring life to any party.
Private Label Rights Articles Pack
Discover how to attract thousands of targeted visitors to your site and give them and the search engines exactly what they both want.
30 Day Low Carb Diet
The 30-Day Low Carb Diet ‘Ketosis Plan’ has already helped scores of people lose their excess pounds and inches faster and easier than they ever thought possible! Why not find out what it can do for you by trying it out for yourself right now!
How Nice Guys, Shy Guys and Good Guys Finish First
Discover why nice guys, shy guys and good guys are not doomed to finish last when it comes to women and relationships!
300 Chicken Recipes
Chicken is one of America’s favorite foods and many different dishes can be created with chicken! With this collection of chicken recipes your sure to find something everyone in your family will like!
Healthy Computing
Don’t chance working another day and allowing your computer to give you a permanent injury that can’t be reversed! Discover how to stay healthy and avoid injury while working long hours on your pc.
The Ultimate Collection of Herbal Tea Remedies
Are you looking for a more natural way to obtain relief for common ailments? Inside this great ebook you will find a wide selection of recipes for herbal teas that will have you feeling better in no time.
Holiday Plus!
Plan your trips with ease and get the very most out of your holidays with this quick and easy planner system!
Unleash Your Life
Discover how to unleash your life and free yourself and your family from money problems!
First Time Home Buyers Guide
If you are getting ready to purchase your first home or if you think you can’t afford to purchase your first home, don’t make another move until you have read this important information!
Interior Decorating for Everybody
There is something unusually exquisite about a tastefully decorated home. In Interior Decorating For Everybody you will discover how to obtain a perfect balance everywhere, yet with it infinite grace and a winning charm.
Delicious Italian Dishes
Create you own delicious italian dishes from this amazing collection of 185+ delicious italian recipes!
4th of July Recipes
Impress your family and friends with your new-found 4th of July knowledge, over 200 lip-smacking Independence Day recipes!”
Getting to Know Anxiety
Stop letting anxiety rule your life and take back the control you desire right now!
Keyword Niche Power
How to discover multiple red hot keywords for your web pages so you can rank your websites high in popular search engine results and drive in hot free targeted traffic!
Fish Recipes
This book contains a huge collection of fish and shell-fish recipes for every occasion. Some of the fish covered are salmon, codfish, sword fish, mullet, mackerel and many more!
The Complete Guide to Making Your Own Wine
The Complete Guide To Making Your Own Wine is a complete guide with everything you need to know, including a large selection of recipes, for making your own wine right in your home.
The Mega Private Label Article Pack
Discover how to stop paying monthly fees and outrageous one time prices for the valuable content you need to create your own products, adsense sites, affiliate sites, and many other profit sources!

As you learn more about your own memory, you’ll take a greater interest in it and use it to better advantage. The results of all this will be evident almost immediately in your daily life.
Mom’s Favorite Family Recipes
Mom’s Favorite Family Recipes is a collection of 190 categorized recipes provided to you in an easy to use ebook.
Make Money From Home
If you ever wanted to know exactly how to make a lot of money right from your home office then grab this ground breaking new ebook now!
How Musicians Get An Edge
At last learn how to play guitar to make sweet music and sweet profits plus get the edge in the music business!
Pit Bulls as Pets
This ebook will give you the power of knowledge and the opportunity to share that new found knowledge with others that may have the same impression that you had of the American Pit Bull Terrier.
How to Setup Profit Pulling Niches
Discover a system that helps you setup your own niche income streams that suck in more cash than you ever dreamed possible!
200 Problem Solving Tips
In 200 problem solving tips for your home and your health, you will find dozens of tips to save you money, reduce your stress and save you time in your home.
Big Book of Puppy Names
Choose the perfect name for your new pup, no matter what their breed, by having hundreds of names right at your fingertips to select from!
The RC Car Guide
Whether you are new to the RC Car scene or a longtime hobbyist, The RC Car Guide is a must-have ebook that will provide you with the knowledge for making this great hobby more enjoyable!
So You Wanna Buy a Car?
Discover every dollar saving trick, every scam-stopping tip, and every must-know bit of information you need when buying a car!
Family Finance Planner
Discover how you can easily keep on top of your finances, keep your bank manager off your back and work out how to finally afford that car or holiday that you’ve always wanted!
The Spam Files – Fight Back Against Spam
Who else wants to rid their computer of unwanted junk mail without falling for traps that will actually make the problem worse!
The Whole Truth About Hybrid Cars
Some people think that hybrid cars can make a huge difference in our world, while others think they’re just a passing trend. This book will help you sort out how you feel and what to do next.
Your Dreams Revealed
Your Dreams Revealed explores thousands of dream images so that the dreamer can attain a better understanding of himself, his world, and his life. the dreamer is able to understand the emotional content, the symbolism, and the reason for each dream image.
How to Stop Smoking
Here’s your tested battle plan to help you stop your butt kissing habit today!
Turning Their Trash Into Your Profits
Even if you are not into making arts and crafts, you can still profit in this market and this special report shows you how!
The Baby Care Book
The guide that every new or expectant parent simply cannot be without. The baby care book will teach you absolutely everything you need to know about your newborns crucial first year of life!
Delicious Tailgating Recipes
Mix or match from the tasty choices in this ebook and you’re sure to score winning cheers from a ravenous crowd of avid football fans!
Tennis For Everyone
If you are frustrated that other tennis players seem to be able to win so easily then this may be the most important information you will ever receive!
No Limit Texas Hold’em Super Strategy Guide
Stop losing to bad beats and win every time at texas holdem with these secret poker strategies you can use to dominate your poker competitors every single time!
Thanksgiving Recipes
This ebook provides over 250 time-tested thanksgiving recipes, that you can cook for thanksgiving, christmas, family reunions, or simply to have fun in your kitchen with your children or relatives.
The Confessions of a Tweak Coder
Tweak coding guru reveals secrets on how exactly a non-coder can spit out php web applications everyday!
Mouth-Watering Apple Recipes
The ultimate cookbook for America’s most popular fruit. Mouth-Watering Apple Recipes contains 85 delicious apple recipes for every occasion!
Valentine’s Day Recipes
These Valentine’s Day recipes are a perfect way to celebrate a special relationship or just treat yourself and your family on valentine’s day.
Organic Secrets
This award winning guidebook to saving money and getting healthier for you and your family by growing your own organic produce. It doesn’t matter if you have your own farm or just a few plant pots in your window with this great guidebook you’ll be growing fresh, healthy organic produce in next to no time.
Home Vegetable Gardening
A complete and practical guide to the planting and care of vegetables, fruits and berries.
1000 Atkins Diet Recipes
Thousands have already discovered the miracle, you can do it too – lose weight the easy way! You will never have to wonder what to have for dinner, lunch, breakfast or snacks again!
West Nile Virus Guide
Have you or someone you love been bitten by a mosquito? What are the chances they could be infected with West Nile virus?
Healing Foods
In Healing Foods you will discover how to use common foods to prevent many of the diseases that our society suffers from.
Baby Safety Tips
Learn how to keep your baby safe in all situations without having to be on “Parent Watch” 24 hours a day!


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