Wikis Tutorial : Link Building Guide

10 Feb
1. Intro & SEO Pre-Requirements

SEO has changed drastically in last few years, especially in last year, so old tactics are no longer working, at least not alone. As it is in any industry, if you want to stay on course you need to follow latest SEO trends. In SEO it is really common sense.

Basically if you are making your websites for people, Search Engines especially Google will find their ways and will rank your site very good, but there are ways to jump start or boost your rankings even more.

The key is doing things naturally(natural SEO). If you don’t follow this simple rule you can make it only worse, so if you don’t know what you are doing, it is better to don’t do it at all.

So what is natural SEO, well it is mimicking natural growth of website SEO presence on the internet.
When website has quality content, things are done naturally, content is shared, liked, mentioned, and consequently links are growing naturally. This is what we want and what Google is searching for when ranking sites.

With link building tools especially well coded and advanced tools such as IMT Extreme Wikis, we try to simulate that link growth to jump start or boost our rankings, but you need to know that single tool, SEO technique or link building techniques in many cases will not produce results alone,
especially these days after so many recent Google updates and this tool is not exception either,
so please don’t expect that you will submit few wikis and SERPs are yours, in some cases it may work, like for some low competition keywords or some local keywords, but in many cases you will need more than 10 wikis.

You need to diversify your SEO techniques as much as you can, in order to produce at least few of many very important signals that Google is searching for these days, such as brand, authority, social presence, visitor behavior, website speed, etc…

Assuming that you have understood what is needed to be done along with and prior of any link building, I will then explain how to do link building properly with our advanced tool, Extreme Wikis,
but this tutorial is not limited to this tool, it can be useful for other link building techniques as well.

2. Pre-Submission Tasks

IMT Extreme Wikis produce most desired in content(kinda editorial) backlinks, so technique is very similar to article marketing or blog posting. But before you start submitting your wikis, you need to prepare a few things.

First you need to know what keywords you wish to rank for, so you need to make some research before. Because this is advanced tool I assume you all know how to do this and I will not explain it here.

Second you need to have URL/URLs with good content where you links from wikis will point to.

Third you need to have well spun article where you will insert your links into.
You can re-use articles from article directories and spin them manually or using tools like “best spinner”. With such tools, you just paste the text in the tool and it returns article in spin syntax.
But please note that unique and well spun articles will produce best results.

Fourth and most important thing to do is to make link or links ready for your spun article,
assuming that you have you desired keywords you will also need keywords variations, related keywords and generic keywords as well.

For example if your main keyword is “used laptops” then your keyword variations and related keywords would be:
“cheap used laptops”, “used notebooks”, “find used laptops”, “my notebook review”, “visit for cheap refreshed notebooks”, “click here for HP laptop reviews”, etc…
Then you will need some generic keywords which you can find here.
Finally you can mix generic keywords with your main keywords, keywords variations and related keywords.

Then when you have all your keywords done, you need to space them with “|” and surround them with “{}” in order to make spin syntax for your link anchor text.
So finally your link or links should be in this fromat:
{keyword 1|keyword 2|generic keywords|keyword variations|related keywords|generic keywords + keyword variations|generic keywords + related keywords|brand name|your URL or domain name|etc…} Don’t forget “<a href=" and "http//" parts.

When using bigger number of wiki submission you will need more keyword variations
and when using smaller number of wiki submissions you will need less keyword variations.

Finally you insert your link or links in desired place in your spun article and you are ready for next phase.

3. Submission
I will go trough and explain each of the input or option fields from the tool.

Wiki Title
This filed is multipurpose filed, it is used for your wiki title, also it will be used as title and anchor text for your bookmarks and anchor text for RSS links.

This title needs to be in spin syntax and made of many keyword variations, related and generic keywords. Not to short and not to long, so for example titles should look like this:
{How to find cheap used laptops online|Where you can find used notebooks|Do you want to read latest laptop reviews|Best places to search and buy your next laptop|etc…}

Wiki Article
Here you will paste your spun article with inserted links.
All is explained in pre-submission tasks. No HTML tags except for tag. Minimum 150 words and 2 links allowed.

Short, generic words separated by ‘,’ For example: laptop, notebook, used laptops, cheap laptops

Choose best suited category for your submission.

Number of Submissions
No need for explanation here.
Number of bookmarks and RSS links will be randomly generated for each wiki.

Submission Drip
You need to choose the number of days for your submission which will suit best for your current SEO profile of the website/webpage. This is something you will need to decide.

Basically if the site is young and doesn’t have much of SEO presence then you will use bigger number of days, if the site is older and already have good SEO presence then you can use smaller number of days.

4. Video Tutorial & Submission Example
For best quality watch in 1080p and in full screen…

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