WordPress Theme – The Product Review WordPress Theme

10 Feb


WordPress Theme – The Product Review WordPress Theme

Did you know that one of the most successful ways of making money online is by reviewing products and driving potential customers to those products using your affiliate link? Power affiliates have used this method for years and still do as it’s proven to work time and time again. With the new Product Review WordPress Theme you will be able to create stylish and highly converting “product review” blogs in no time. We’ve created a smart theme that takes out the hassle of creating a review blog so you can focus on what actually matters: writing your reviews and making money off them! Here’s the full list of features included in the Product Review WordPress Theme:  


Clean and professional design Writing a review is not good enough… it’s got to look professional too! The Product Review WordPress Theme has a beautiful and uncluttered design that is easy on your readers’ eyes. The cleaner and more professional your review blog looks, the more your website visitors will trust your recommendations. That’s why we’ve made sure that all the information is displayed in an attainting yet user-friendly manner.  


Customizable headers Make your review blog totally unique! * You can either upload your own custom header design. * Or you can upload your own logo and select any of the stylish built-in backgrounds in different colors.  


Smart color code system Positive review: green background… Negative review: red background… Neutral review: gray background… Simple, isn’t it? Well, guess what: it works! It is a fact: we respond differently to different colors. Some colors instill confidence whereas others trigger the alarm bell! The Product Review WordPress Theme prints the background of each post depending on whether you mark the product as “the best of the lot”, “the worst of the lot” or just “another one of lot”. That will drive your visitors’ attention to whichever product you’re most interested to promote as an affiliate… for example the one offering the juiciest commission! In the other hand, if you don’t want to lable any post as “best” and/or “worst”, you can turn it off so all posts are displayed in the default gray background.


The Ranking box Organize your reviewed products in an easy-to-read ladder… your visitors will love you for that! The Ranking box sits on your sidebar so your visitors can gather a quick idea of which products are worth checking out and which ones are best to leave alone. The smart color code system makes it easy to read and use, and all you have to do is to assign an overall rating to each product and click-and-drag them in your desired order. Each Ranking box will only list the products belonging to the very same category, so your visitors can compare apples with apples, and oranges with oranges.


The Optin box Do you want to build a targeted mailing list on autopilot? Use the Optin Box! The Product Review WordPress Theme features a built-in Optin box that embeds directly into the sidebar so you can build a targeted mailing list on autopilot. All you have to do is to configure the Optin box at the WordPress Admin Dashboard and to copy and paste the HTML code provided by your autoresponder service :) By the way, all the major autoresponder services are supported: Aweber, iContact, GetResponse, 1ShoppingCart, Infusion Soft, Mail Chimp, Vertical Response, Constant Contact, etc.  


Split menu bar Keep both your visitors and Google happy! * Fact #1: Google loves deep websites with plenty of internal pages such as “About Us”, “Terms & Conditions”, “Privacy Policy”, etc. The more you have of those, the higher the chances to rank high in the search engines. * Fact #2: Google also loves keyword-rich articles! The theme allows you to display these articles in their own sidebar menu, so they don’t get tangled with your main product review posts. * Fact #3: Most of your visitors will not care about such pages! They consider them “filler” pages and hardly anyone ever visits them at all. The Product Review WordPress Theme solves that problem: it splits the menu navigation bar in three: one visible at the top (the one your readers will clearly notice at a first sight), another one in the sidebar for your keyword-rich articles, and finally another one pushed all the way down to the footer (the one Google will pick up). By doing so, we keep Google happy while at the same time we don’t cluster our main menu bar with these “filler” pages!


Cloaked affiliate links Don’t let them know you’re using affiliate links! You know, nothing screams “This review is NOT unbiased!” like an affiliate link because they know you’re being paid a commission by recommending the product. That is why the Product Review WordPress Theme automatically cloaks your affiliate links! Let’s assume that your affiliate link is http://affiliate.vendor.hop.clickbank.net, which is obviously the link you’ll type into the “Affiliate Link” field (see screenshot below). Well, the theme will automatically convert that into a non-affiliate-looking link such as http://Your_Domain.com/links/Name_Of_Product and will attach that cloaked link to the “Visit Website” button. No one will know that there’s an affiliate link running in the background (insert evil laugh here!). Product Review WordPress Theme cloaked link  


The “Final Conclusion” box Close the sale with a highlighted final paragraph! Many people are too lazy to read the full review and simply prefer to read the summarized conclusion. That is why the Product Review WordPress Theme features a “Final Conclusion” box highlighted in bright orange at the end of each product review, followed by a massive Call-To-Action button (attached to your cloaked affiliate link of course!). That’s indeed the button most of your review readers will click upon reading your review and your Final Conclusion, increasing your click-through and your conversion ratios. Product Review WordPress Theme conclusion box  


List and rate the product features Make it easy to read for your website visitors! * List of features: The theme allows you to list the main features of each product so, with a quick glance, your visitors can understand what the product has to offer. * Rate the product: Moreover, you can rate the product’s quality with a user-friendly star system. Remember: you don’t have much time to catch your reader’s attention! The easier your readers can digest your review, the higher the chances they will read it out, and the “List Of Features” and the “Ratings” boxes will certainly help you in that regard. Product Review WordPress Theme review system


User reviews & ratings Let the discussion start! Like in any other WordPress theme, each post (product review) has its own comments section where visitors can drop their opinions. Furthermore, the Product Review WordPress Theme allows visitors to also post their own ratings on exactly the same characteristics your rated that product for! That way you will soon get a community-driven review and discussion started which will further increase your website’s credibility and, over time, it might become a recurrent point of meeting for people looking to get some feedback on any specific product related to your chosen niche! Obviously, like in any other WordPress theme, these reviews can be moderated, admin-approved and disabled as you wish. Product Review WordPress Theme comments  


Single-niche or Multi-niche review sites Go niche-specific or go market-wide… your choice! With the Product Review WordPress Theme, you can target your reviews to products belonging to one single niche, or you can go broad and review products from multiple niches. If you choose the latter, the Theme will automatically organize them by categories so the information is presented neatly to your visitors. Moreover, if you are reviewing multiple niches, you can choose to display a “welcome page” at your blog’s index with whatever message you prefer along with the a unique Ranking Box for each specific sub-niche. Product Review WordPress Theme review indexes  


The built-in SEO Optimizer Let Google give you some love! The Theme includes a built-in SEO optimizing feature that allows you to set individually the following: * The Blog’s overall title, description and keywords. These will be the blog’s thematic information so Google can categorize your site. Product Review WordPress theme SEO * Moreover, you will be able to pin-point unique titles, keywords and descriptions for each post and page you publish. That will ensure that Google deems each of your posts as relevant! The more relevant and targetted your blog is in Google’s eyes, the better you’ll rank in the search engines!

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